ama aidoo



“I never understood why people want to do big things… Just do little things, with great Love.” - Heidi Baker

Area of expertise: Youth Leadership, Motivator, Being supportive in helping others to achieve their life goals.

Dream destination: London, England

Education: B.B.A CUNY Bernard Baruch College

Soundtrack of my life: Trust In You - Lauren Diagle, Roar - Katy Perry

Guilty pleasures: Watching movies in bed, Sitcoms (Curse Free), American Idol Auditions

Hobbies: Writing, reading, religious activities, listening to music, cleaning, hanging out with friends and family, watching movies, taking long walks

Why I care about making breakthroughs happen: I believe in the mission of BTNY. I am a great proponent for formal education and I believe that with an organization like BTNY we can help bridge the educational inequity in our country, one state at a time.