Amy Cruz


“We have to start somewhere!”

Area of Expertise:  Mapping (and re-mapping) the route towards our destination; much like a GPS

Dream destination: Florence, Italy

Education: Columbia University

Soundtrack of my life: “Ocean Avenue" Yellowcard, “Happy” Pharrell Williams, “Keep Ya Head Up,” Tupac, “Stand By Me” Prince Royce.

Guilty pleasures: Rollin' in my Range Rover, being a fast food connoisseur, playing Extreme Board Games--losing is not an option.

Hobbies: Grocery shopping, playing with my pup Bailey, watching I Love Lucy, playing Monopoly (really, any board game is fine!), lounging on the beach

Why I care about making breakthroughs happen: As a former public school student, I know just how few opportunities exist for students who are ready and willing to break the mold. It's incredibly important for me that I play a role in creating more opportunities for students to succeed. At the end of day, each student deserves having people who believe in them by their side.