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The 2018 btny application is now closed:



Thank you to all of the teachers, counselors, parents, and 6th grade students who applied to our program - we're so excited to Welcome our Class of 2028!



BTNY Eligibility Criteria

We use the below standards to determine eligibility for BTNY.  Our eligibility terms are designed to best identify students who come from underserved backgrounds, yet have proven themselves to be capable of achievement at the point of sixth grade.

To be considered eligible for Breakthrough New York:

A student must meet all of the terms below: 

·       Be a current resident of New York City (reside in one of the five boroughs)

·       Be enrolled in the 6th grade in a NYC public, charter, or parochial middle school at the time of application

·       Have proven citizenship status (either a U.S. Social Security or Green Card number)

·       Have an 80% or better in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies on their most recent report card

·       Have score a 3 or better on their 5th grade state ELA and Math tests

·       Be able to attend all programming dates, including 6-week summer program (Monday – Friday 8am-4pm) and after-school program (Monday and Wednesday 4:30pm-6:30pm)

·       Come from a household whose income is less than $20,000 per person

A student must meet at least two of the terms below:

·       Identify as an English Language Learner

·       Will be the first in family to attend four-year college in the U.S.

·       Qualify for Federal Free or Reduced Lunch program

·       Live in a single parent household


Frequently Asked Questions: 

My student is not in 6th grade this year.  Are they still able to apply? 

Students may only apply to Breakthrough New York when they are currently enrolled as a 6th grader in a NYC-area public, charter, or parochial school.  If your student is younger than 6th grade, please keep us in mind for the future!  If your student is older than 6th grade, click here for a list of other NYC-area programs you may want to consider.  

My student is not able to attend all of the programming dates.  Are they still able to participate?  

Students must be able to attend 100% of our programming once they are admitted. It is important that your family can support this commitment before you choose to apply.  

My student is applying to Breakthrough New York, and prefers to be placed at one site more than the others.  Can I apply to only one site?  

All applications submitted to BTNY are reviewed by our admissions team at our network office.  Applicants are asked to submit their site placement preference, which we take into account in making our final decisions. 

Breakthrough New York Site Locations:

Manhattan – The Town School, Upper East Side, 540 East 76th Street and York Avenue

Brooklyn – Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, Fort Greene, 357 Clermont Avenue

Bronx – Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics, Bronx, 1363 Fulton Avenue

If you have any other questions about our program, admissions process, or your application, email us at [email protected]