Amy Lin: A Story of Success

Amy is a first-generation Chinese immigrant who has lived in Manhattan her whole life. A 16-year-old senior at The Brearley School, she joined BTNY in 2009 and just entered her sixth year in the program.

“Breakthrough New York has afforded me countless incredible opportunities that I would not otherwise be exposed to,” she says. “From career readiness workshops at PwC to actual internships in the business world, I have gained invaluable work experience because of Breakthrough and its partners.”

This summer, she interned at the preeminent asset management firm BlackRock, gaining work experience relating to financial planning and analysis. This internship has solidified her interest in working in the financial sector. Her greatest goal is to attend a highly selective four-year college next fall.

During the school year, Amy is a tri-sport athlete—soccer, basketball, and softball—and the co-head of Math Team and Asian Awareness. Aside from her school-related extracurriculars, Amy does community service throughout the year; she tutors middle school students in math and volunteers at Chinatown Literacy Project.

“Knowing that I can have a great impact on the community and lives of other people through simple actions makes the work worthwhile and satisfying,” she says.

Overall, she has enjoyed her BTNY experience. “Breakthrough has also expanded my network to include helpful mentors and great peers,” she says. “It has changed my life by opening doors towards a better and brighter future.”

Amy will be honored at the Catalog for Giving 20th Annual Urban Heroes Benefit on Oct. 7th.