Profiles of Progress: Jordan Modroe, BTNY Middle School Student, Brooklyn

Jordan Modroe sees Breakthrough New York guiding him on the road to success in school, in his career, and in his life.

An 8th grader in Brooklyn, Jordon wanted more resources and support to get into a better high school, and college. The 13-year-old has now completed two of BTNY’s intensive summer sessions and is now pursuing high school admission.

“This has been tough,” he says of the program. “Students contemplating coming here should know it takes a lot of effort. The effort has to be there first and foremost.”

BTNY helped Jordan navigate the high school application process, honed his research skills, and prompted him to seek schools that he had never before contemplated.

“Breakthrough talked a lot of about community and how smaller schools are more close knit,” he says. “Everyone here is so professional; it makes me hopeful I will have a spot a the schools I have applied to.”

His BTNY classmates have become lifelong friends, driven by a shared determination to succeed. Jordan, for one, has been appointed a BTNY Ambassador.

“No matter where I am I represent Breakthrough New York,” he says. “The students here attain the highest standards and quality in everything they do.”