How Breakthroughs Happen

Whether you are new to Breakthrough or you have followed us over the last 14 years, you bear witness to the way we transform the lives of high-potential, low-income students.

Core to our mission is bridging academic and opportunity gaps so we can break the cycle of poverty in families forever. What fuels all of our efforts are tireless volunteers and heartfelt contributions.

On behalf of Breakthrough’s Board of Directors, dedicated staff and our students, we want to thank the private and corporate contributors who are ushering our students into worlds of success.

Of particular note are several sizeable grants that have come our way in recent weeks, and deserve “shout outs” from us: The Pinkerton Foundation ($75,000); The Shippy Foundation ($50,000); Capital One Bank Foundation ($40,000); and, the J.E. & Z.B. Butler Foundation ($25,000).

Every dollar counts, and contributions such as these help chart a better future for our Breakthrough students.