am i eligible for btny?


Breakthrough New York supports motivated students on a 10-year path from middle school through college graduation. Current 6th grade students living in NYC are invited to apply, and accepted students will start our 10-year program the summer after 6th grade.

Before starting your BTNY application, please review the eligibility criteria below. If you're not sure about your eligibility, please e-mail [email protected] - we want to help you make an informed decision!

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eligibility faq's

Q: If I'm accepted to BTNY, do I have to attend all 10 years of programming?

A: Yes, students who enroll in BTNY commit to participating in our programs for 10 years - from middle school through college graduation. 

Q: Can you tell me more about the income requirement? I'm not sure if my student qualifies.

A: Absolutely! Our income qualification can be one of the trickier pieces to understand because the income maximum is different depending on the size of the “household”. BTNY also takes into account "household" members who do not live in the student's household, but who are financially supported by one of the student's caretakers. You can use the table below to count the number of people in your “household”, then look at the maximum income level for your household size.

Q: Why does BTNY have eligibility criteria based on grades and test scores?

A: BTNY is a big commitment and a rigorous program. All of our classes are also taught by young adults in high school and college. We want to make sure that students who are admitted to BTNY can take advantage of and thrive in our program. We know there are awesome students out there who may not meet our academic eligibility criteria, and we want to make sure they have all of the resources that they need to be successful. Based on our program model, we know that we can best serve students who are already on or above grade level.


Have questions about BTNY Admissions?

Please e-mail Enya O’Riordan, Admissions & Enrollment Manager, at [email protected] or call (917) 258-6564.