enya O'Riordan

admissions & enrollment manager

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou

Area of Expertise: Building relationships with a variety of audiences, managing projects and processes from strategy to execution

Dream Destination:  Cartagena, Colombia

Education: B.A., Boston University

Soundtrack of my Life:  Top 40 music (embarrassing...), Irish pop songs

Guilty Pleasures: Anything chocolate, sea salt popcorn, Oreos (double-stuffed only), watching The Office on repeat

Hobbies: Learning how to be a New Yorker, traveling on a budget, playing board games, ordering take-out in order to avoid cooking

Why I care about making Breakthroughs happen: Per Maya Angelou's quote above, I'm committed to constantly learning about what makes BTNY students remarkable, and then doing my best to open doors for them and support their goals. Working as an intern with Breakthrough in Boston, I got to witness the profound impact of BT programs and staff not only on students, but on their families and communities as well. I care about making Breakthroughs happen because helping talented students access challenging educational opportunities is a powerful tool for social change.