Q: Where can I download more information about BTNY and the admissions process?

A: In addition to reviewing our website, you can download our Admissions Packet here in English, Spanish, or Mandarin.

Q: If I'm accepted to BTNY, do I have to attend all 10 years of programming?

A: Yes, students who enroll in BTNY commit to participating in our programs for 10 years - from middle school through college graduation. 

Q: Is there a cost to participating in the BTNY program for 10 years?

A: BTNY’s 10-year program is completely free.

Q: Does BTNY provide transportation to their summer and after-school program?

A: BTNY students attend over 100 different schools across the city, so we do not provide busing to our programs. BTNY students are responsible for commuting to our after-school and summer programs, whether through public transportation, car pool, or parent transportation. We will provide free MetroCards during the summer and after-school program - if students don’t already have one from their school - so students can travel to program. When possible, we will connect BTNY students to others at their site to arrange joint commuting.

Q: If I’m accepted to BTNY, where do I attend the Middle School summer and after-school program?

A: BTNY students attend the Middle School program at one of the following 3 sites:

Q: My student is not in 6th grade this year.  Are they still able to apply?

A: Students may only apply to Breakthrough New York when they are currently enrolled as a 6th grader in a NYC-area public, charter, or parochial school.  If your student is younger than 6th grade, please keep us in mind for the future! If your student is older than 6th grade, click here for a list of other NYC-area programs you may want to consider.  

Q: My student is not able to attend all of the programming dates.  Are they still able to participate?

A: Students must be able to attend 100% of our programming once they are admitted. It is important that your family can support this commitment before you choose to apply.  

Q: I don’t think BTNY is a good fit for me/my student after all. Are there similar programs in NYC?

A: Yes! There are a number of wonderful college access/success programs in NYC that we would highly recommend families check out. You can download our list of Other NYC Programs here!

Have questions about BTNY Admissions?

Please e-mail Enya O’Riordan, Admissions & Enrollment Manager, at [email protected] or call (917) 258-6564.