internships at Btny

In order to achieve our mission, BTNY recruits 150 high school and college students every year to work in our programs - whether teaching, mentoring, supporting high school/college application, fundraising, and more!

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saturday assistant (2019-2020)

As the Saturday Assistant, you will support the High School Team to ensure the successful planning and execution of Super Saturday programming for BTNY high school students.

after-school program assistant (Fall 2019)

As a Program Assistant you will work with the Middle School Program Manager and Teaching Fellows to ensure successful after-school programming for BTNY middle school students in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

after-school teaching fellow (fall 2019)

As an After-School Teaching Fellow you will guide the success of BTNY middle school students by teaching classes on Writing, Debate, and High School Options.

after-school tutor (fall 2019)

As an After-School Tutor you will guide the success of BTNY 7th grade students by providing homework help and classroom support at one of our 3 sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.