LAura e. amerman, cfre

chief development officer

“One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began…” 

– Mary Oliver

Area of Expertise:  Creating opportunities for you to change the world.

Dream destinationCrete

Education: Drew University

Soundtrack of my life: “Ode to Sleep" Twenty One Pilots, “This Must be the Place” Talking Heads, “6th Symphony 'Pastoral',” Beethoven, “Tapestry” Carole King.

Guilty pleasures: Marathon Netflix-ing and too many potato chips.

Hobbies: Lazy gardening, reading, and baking, 

Why I care about making breakthroughs happen: I firmly believe we are here to take care of each other. Ensuring the success of future generations, is not only important for OUR kids, but for the world. Our futures depend upon it.