Lit 7: HOMS 29-42

Science 7: Write a clear, step-by-step procedure of their plant growth experiment. Procedure typed up due Wednesday
Revise procedure based on teacher feedback due by Friday

Math 7:

Writing 7: FAMILY 1: Finish graphic organizer for analyzing evidence (if you have not done so) and exit ticket from today's class. DUE TOMORROW. FAMILY 2: Finish graphic organizer from today's class. DUE TOMORROW.

Lit 8:

Science 8: Complete the graphing packet handed out in class. Due on Friday

Math 8:

Writing 8:

Lit 9: Socratic seminar discussion questions

Science 9: Greeting Card due next Wednesday EOD and set goal for how you want to improve in coding this summer in scratch

Math 9: Create flashcards for midpoint theorem, angle bisector theorem

Complete the following problems (2 points each)
If you missed yesterday, I will pick up that homework tomorrow as well.

Writing 9: