Lit 7: HOMS 3-11

Science 7: 

Math 7: Complete homework (extended homework)

Writing 7: 


Lit 8: Chapter 2, annotate, focus on setting

Science 8:

Math 8: 7 problem HW sheet

Writing 8: Write outline for hsa essay (due monday)


Lit 9: ATSS 37-71

Science 9:  Greeting Card due next Wednesday EOD and set goal for how you want to improve in coding this summer in scratch

Math 9: Create flaschards for new vocabulary: angle addition postulate, and segment addition postulate. (4 points)

Complete the following 3 problems (2 points each):

Writing 9: You will write 2 paragraphs, each defending an argument of your choice. Each paragraph should employ at least 2 of the rhetorical devices that we learned about this week. You will pick your topic for the op-ed essay from the pool of topics (see below). Write down which topic you’ve chosen underneath your 2 paragraphs. Due Monday 7/8


HSO 8:

HSO 7:

Test Prep A:

Test Prep B: