Lit 7: Finish Final Project for Monday

Science 7:

Math 7:

Writing 7: Go through your essay drafts and use the notes sheet from class to make sure that your sources are credible. REMEMBER: URLs ending in ".com" or ".org" can be credible as long as they meet the main requirements for credibility that we discussed. If you realize that your sources are not very credible, find new ones. In any case, make sure that you write down where you got your sources from (write down the name of the article and the website). DUE TOMORROW. Also, make sure to share your draft with me if you have not already done so.

Lit 8:

Science 8: Remix one of the labs we have done by changing a variable or altering the conditions. Then write the first half of a lab report based on the remixed lab. See the handout for exactly what you need to include. Email us if you do not have the handout.

Use either the ramp-marble experiment or the force-acceleration experiment. Due Monday

Math 8:

Writing 8: Revisions on short answer paragraphs

Lit 9:

Science 9: Work on celebration project

Math 9: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sdx0GXlTIM5NEY0a5Crefoj8tFKe7fYhWZhpLs1RQrI/edit?usp=sharing

Writing 9: 


Test Prep Class:

Test Prep Class: