Homework Assigned July 26th

Lit 7: 

Science 7:

Math 7: Percent Word Problems

  • percent word problems

  • Due Date: July 29th 2019

Writing 7:


Lit 8: Final Project Paragraph

  • Write one handwritten page or one page typed double-spaced about your theme. Include: 2 examples from the text and how they connect to your theme as well as how your real-world connection illustrates the theme Paragraph Structure (based on RACECE) Claim: what your theme you’re exploring is and its centrality in TKMB State your first piece of evidence: how does it connects to the theme? State your second piece of evidence: describe how does it connect to the theme? State your real-world connection: how does it connect to your theme theme? Conclusion: final sentence that ties your point together

  • Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TBZGDP1eciCurdc_ojpwD_yXpkSWphlONPfy36Y18bA/edit

  • Due Date: July 29th 2019

Science 8:

Math 8: 

Writing 8: 


Lit 9:

Science 9: 

Math 9:

Writing 9: