Homework Assigned July 2nd

Lit 7: 

Science 7: 

Math 7:  Absolute Value

  • identifying integers, absolute value, additive inverses

  • Due Date: July 3rd 2019

Writing 7: 


Lit 8:

Science 8:

Math 8:  Multi-Step Equations with the Distributive Property

  • 10 multi step equations that include the distributive property and vary in difficulty. The problems are to get you to think about when the distributive property is necessary and how to form equations using the distributive property.

  • Due Date: July 3rd 2019

Writing 8: 

  • Family 3: In Google Classroom, complete and submit the assignment titled "Introduce Yourself." The prompt is the following: You have won a contest for a phone interview with your favorite celebrity/icon (it can be a historical figure, singer, movie star, athlete, YouTuber, president, etc.). Write the first five opening lines to tell them who you are.

    • Due Date: July 3rd 2019

    • Link is on Google Classroom

  • Family 4: Please bring in a writing sample or email it to either Sarah ([email protected]) or Viva ([email protected]). This is the last chance to turn one in before getting a Homework Slip

    • Due Date: July 3rd 2019


Lit 9:

Science 9: 

Math 9: Segment and Angle Addition Worksheet

  • A few problems highlighting what we did in class covering angle and segment addition postulates.

  • Due Date: July 8th 2019

Writing 9: