Homework Assigned July 3rd

Lit 7: 

Science 7: Seed Lab Germination Group Project

  • Email or share a typed version of your groups question, hypothesis, independent variable, dependent variable, constants, and materials Send to: [email protected] Name your file by your Family # + Group # Eg. Family1Group1

  • Due Date July 8th 2019

Math 7:  Adding and subtracting integers

  • adding and subtracting integers

  • Due Date: July 8th 2019

Writing 7: Introduction Paragraph

  • Create an introduction paragraph for an essay that responds to one of the prompts listed below. This essay is the essay that you will work on the entire summer so choose the essay that garners the most interest for you. Your assignment is due on Monday, July 8th at the start of class. Prompt 1: Many schools now ban chips, soda and candy from their vending machines. Do you agree or disagree with this ban? Do you feel like you deserve a say in what foods are allowed in your vending machine? If so, why? Prompt 2: Due to the large amount of budget cuts to be made, your school has decided that the full program of extracurricular activities must be cut except for one. As a passionate student, Write an argument on which program should be saved and why. Be sure to cite specific evidence and to support your claims.

  • Due Date: July 8th 2019


Lit 8:

Science 8: Scientific Method and Forces Review

Math 8: 

Writing 8: 


Lit 9:

Science 9: Person for Greeting Card

  • Identify a person whom you care about that you would feel comfortable making a greeting card for! Keep this person in mind for class on Monday

  • Due Date: July 8th 2019

Math 9:

Writing 9: