Homework Assigned July 9th

Lit 7: 

Science 7: Seed Lab Group Experiment: Write Procedure

  • Each group will share or email a typed first draft of the procedure

  • Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hQ6QHEfO4bGcoMuTUS00nev4Jpn1zGI8OyOMn2zO8dU/edit

  • Due Date: July 10th 2019

Math 7:  PEMDAS

  • order of operations problems

  • Due Date: July 10th 2019

Writing 7: So and So What

  • On your outlines, complete the "So" and "So What" for ALL pieces of evidence in your outline. Push: In your outline write down what you think would be a strong conclusion sentence for your body paragraphs.

  • Due Date: July 10th 2019


Lit 8:

Science 8:

Math 8: Substitution Worksheet

  • A worksheet 6 problems on systems of equations

  • worksheet was given out

  • Due Date: July 10th 2019

Writing 8: Transferring Outline and Introduction

  • You are transferring your handwritten outlines from the weekend and introductions from today to Google Classroom. This is to the "First Draft of Final Project" assignment on Google Classroom. You are going to format it like an essay, so all of the Introduction stuff becomes one paragraph, Body Paragraph 1/2/3 stuff becomes one paragraph (EACH), and the all of the Conclusion stuff becomes one paragraph. Please include both introductions, the one you wrote on the outline and the one you wrote for homework so that you can see what you want to pull from each of them for your first draft.

  • Link: On Google Classroom

  • Due Date: July 10th 2019


Lit 9:

Science 9: 

Math 9:

Writing 9: