nikicha nieto rosas

Development coordinator

“Find happiness in everything you do.”

Area of Expertise:  Making people laugh.

Dream destination: Istanbul

Education: Boston College, B.A. 

Soundtrack of my life: “Blessings" (X2) Chance the Rapper, "Run the World (Girls)" Beyonce, "Inevitable" Shakira, and "All Too Well" Taylor Swift

Guilty pleasures: Taylor Swift on repeat, eating Ben and Jerry's Half Baked Ice Cream in one sitting, sleeping until noon

Hobbies: Petting dogs, watching The Office, yoga, finding the perfect cup of coffee

Why I care about making breakthroughs happen: As a first generation college student the Breakthrough model really resonates with the struggles I faced.  My goal is to help BTNY continue to grow and help provide the resources and guidance to more students.